Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

This Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) has been drawn up in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Chile, but also includes generally recognized principles and norms of international law, including - concerning the processing of personal data.
Please read this text carefully, as it contains detailed rules of interaction with the Service,rules of storage/processing of personal data, as well as other important aspects that create legal grounds for interaction with the Administrator and his Service on the one hand, and with those decentralized and/or distributed systems that are used as a backend and frontend to the Service and/or its constituent elements on the other hand.

I. Basic terms (categories) and definitions
(We are) -
You are any natural person who has read (read) this Agreement.
DDS - decentralized and/or distributed system.
Blockchain - distributed registry technology in the broad sense, which includes both private/prietary/corporate solutions and public blockchain solutions.
dApp - a decentralized application, regardless of the form of presentation.
PD - personal data.
User - a natural person who has accepted this Agreement; User of the Service.
Website -
Service (Platform) - a set of software and hardware solutions developed by the
Administrator and/or his responsible persons to protect the copyright and/or related rights of Users by depositing text and/or other information in the DDS, as well as other algorithms.
Parties - the User and the Administrator.
Hash - the result of the processing of a certain mathematical function (hash function).

II. Subject of Agreement
2.1 In this Agreement, data related to the User is divided into the following three types:
2.1.1 Data transferred directly to the Administrator (via the Service and/or its constituent elements, such as the Website): first of all are wallet and email.
2.1.2 Data transferred through the Service/Site to the DDS, which becomes public from the moment of first publication in the DDS by the User's unanimous consent (approval).
2.1.3 Impersonalized (anonymized) data obtained by cryptographic (encryption) methods (hashing) from the initial PDs and/or other data of the User that cannot in any way disclose the initial PDs of the User, as well as his or her identity in any other way, except at the User's request, which are also public.
2.2 The User, when transmitting data specified in Clause 2.1.2 and Clause 2.1.3 of Section II of the Agreement, understands that such data is absolutely open (public) and does not possess such property as "possibility to delete" due to architectural and other features of the DDS, and in some cases - "possibility to change (other modification)".

III. Rights and obligations of the Parties
3.1. The rights of the Administrator:
3.1.1 The Administrator has the right to independently determine the functions,development trends and other parameters of the Service, in this connection different PDs (other data) may be requested for different categories of Users. The requested data may mean different PDs for different categories of Users: Requested by the Administrator for use and/or storage inside the Service. Requested,i.e. sent an offer to transfer such data to a block office and/or DDS with the permission of the User.
3.1.2 The Administrator independently determines the security and/or normal operation parameters of the Service to ensure the PD protection,including the process of transferring the PD (other data) to the DDS.
3.1.3. The Administrator determines the rules of use of various analytical services, such as Google Analytics, as well as services that may in any way study the User's behavior without reference to a specific person (person) and/or specific PD and/or with such PD.
3.1.4 The Administrator may at any time change the rules described in the Agreement by notifying the User through the Site and/or otherwise through the Service.
3.1.5 The Administrator uses the User's PD for the development of the Service and/or its components.
3.2. Duties of the Administrator:
3.2.1 The Administrator undertakes to use only those PDs which are transferred directly to him/her and/or are public, i.e. submitted by the User for public use, including but not limited to recording such PDs in the DDS.
3.2.2 The Administrator undertakes to comply with the requirements of the GDPR to the extent and within the framework determined by the features of the Service and/or its components, including, but not limited to, its architecture, connection with the DDS, etc.
3.2.3 Administrator undertakes to ensure normal (uninterrupted) operation of the Service and/or its components and security of the Service and/or its components, in order to secure the PD and other User data, to the extent that they comply with all necessary minimum requirements for the security and normal operation of IT systems adopted in the market unless it does not contradict the actual (physical) capabilities of the Administrator and/or its authorized persons, including the material situation, development and architecture of the Service and/or its components.
3.2.4 The Administrator undertakes to perform preventive and other activities to monitor the Service and/or its components at least once a year to ensure the maximum level of security and stable work with the User's data, including the PD.
3.2.5 The Administrator also undertakes not to use the User's PD for any illegal purposes, as well as for purposes contrary to the generally accepted principles of morality and morality,unless otherwise explicitly follows from the mandatory norms of the current legislation and/or generally accepted principles and norms of international law.
3.3 Rights of the User:
3.3.1 The User has the right to contact the Administrator by email at and/or his authorized persons at any time in order to clarify the PD and/or other data,update them and/or otherwise change them, if actually possible.
3.3.2 The User will be entitled to revoke the right to information and/or other mailings issued to the Administrator at any time if it is technically feasible and does not contradict other conditions of the Agreement.
3.3.3 The User has the right to independently determine what data they want to make public (public access) using the capabilities of the DDS connected to the Service and/or its components, including but not limited to the Site/dApp.
3.3.4 The User independently determines the goals/tasks and methods of using the Service and/or its components, which should not contradict the current legislation, generally accepted principles and norms of international law, as well as generally accepted principles of morality and morality.
3.4 Duties of the User:
3.4.1 The User undertakes to keep the access keys and/or passwords inaccessible to third parties, which means that in order to keep your data safe, you need to do the following: DO NOT allow access keys/passwords to be stored in unprotected digital storage such as unpaired flash drives, screenshots on your phone,etc.
3.4.2 DO NOT share access keys and/or passwords with third parties, regardless of whether they are relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.
3.4.3 The User undertakes to undergo training on block technology and/or DDS independently and at their own expense, since the Administrator does not have the technical, organizational and economic capacity to do so, and the adoption (understanding)of the provisions of the Agreement is impossible without understanding the general principles of block technology and DDS.
3.4.4 The User can use the Service/Site/dApp/other constituent elements of the Service without the transfer of cookies and other personalized information (data), but only in those sections where it is possible technically,as well as organizationally, and only within the framework established by the Administrator and/or his responsible persons.
3.4.5 In other cases (except as specified in clause 3.4.4.) the User undertakes to transfer all necessary information to the Administrator through the Service, the Site, dApp, and/or other constituent elements of the Service.
3.4.6 The User undertakes to promptly notify the Administrator of any changes in any of the PDs and/or other data relevant to the use of the Service, the Website, dAapp, and/or other components of the Service if necessary.
3.5 Guarantees of the Parties:
3.5.1 The Parties guarantee that they have the necessary legal capacity and capability to conclude and implement this Agreement, as well as for the use of the Service and its components in general.
3.5.2 The Parties also guarantee to each other that they will use all necessary tools to establish quick and complete feedback to improve the Service and correct use of the PD and other User data.
3.5.3 The Parties also guarantee to each other that in all possible cases they will use the minimum possible amount of data to optimize the traffic generated by the Services and/or its constituent elements, as well as for the optimal use of the PD and other User data.

IV. Disclaimers
4.1 Principles of Processing PD and other User Data:
4.1.1 We accept all principles indicated as generally accepted in international documents,such as:
the principle of transparency (openness);
principle of fairness;
the principle of limited purpose of using the PD;
the principle of minimization of the PD (the principle of effective use of the PD);
the principle of accuracy (principle of credibility);
the principle of limited PD storage;
the principle of integrity (and to a certain extent - the principle of confidentiality) of the PD.
4.1.2 In doing so, We also emphasize that the DDS is based on a number of overlapping principles, which we are obliged to adhere to due to the architecture of our Service (Platform), as well as its components (including, but not limited to, Site/dApp/other).
4.1.3 If you do not understand how blockchain and/or other decentralized and/or distributed systems work, then you are NOT able to understand and accept the text of this Agreement and, accordingly, you are NOT able to accept the text of this Agreement as set forth below. 6.1.2. of the article. 6.1.2. will not be executed.
4.1.4 You should understand that the PD is a valuable asset, but it belongs to You,and We can only ensure its maximum effective use through the Service, protecting Your copyright and/or related rights, so the storage of passwords, private (private) keys and other confidential information is strictly the area of Your personal responsibility, which we cannot influence either objectively or subjectively, that is, due to the actual circumstances (all data is stored exclusively on Your side), or the architecture of the Service and/or its architecture.
4.2 Third-party services and their use by the Service (Platform)/Site and/or User:
4.3 Displayers regarding analytical information collected by the Service/Site:
4.4 Other disclaimers:
4.4.1 The purpose of using the PD is work (normal functioning) and/or development of the Service and/or its components, including, but not limited to,marketing, technical and organizational components.
4.4.2 We collect,record, organize, accumulate, store, refine (update, modify), extract, use, transfer (distribute, provide, access), depersonalize, block PD and other data, if required by the rules of the Service and/or its components; in addition, where it is physically (de facto) possible, we may delete, destroy data: emphasize - ONLY where it is possible, based on objective circumstances, for example, when the data is NOT placed in a blockchain or/and any other DDS.
4.4.3 You must understand that any blockchains and/or other DDS involved in the Service and/or its component parts may contain various errors/errors/features beyond the Administrator's control, as they all operate under an "as is" license, so you assume these risks in full when accepting the Agreement.
4.4.4 You should also understand that Blockchain technology is designed in such a way that it is completely open and decentralized (distributed), which means that there is no single data center, processing or other interaction with the data, so any data that you submit to Blockchain does not have a recurrency property, i.e. it cannot be deleted from the public domain, which makes it available to the public forever and is not dependent on the Platform and/or the Administrator and/or its authorized persons.
4.4.5 Separately, you should understand and accept the condition that the Service/Site/dApp/other component parts of the Service may contain links to third-party resources, which is done solely for your convenience: We cannot control changes in the content of texts and/or other forms (type) of information on such resources, as well as other aspects of work with these resources, so when you switch to such resources (third party sites/applications/other), you must solely control their use, security, and other parameters.
4.4.6 By accepting the Agreement, You fully acknowledge that any intentional and/or unintentional mistakes in working with the Service made by You through data transfer, including the PD, will be solely Your responsibility.
4.4.7 You also understand/accept that the use of the Service and/or its components are possible only if You have the official (licensed) software and hardware, because otherwise, the Administrator has the right to block Your account, as well as You are responsible for any destructive possible actions with the PD and other Your data.

V. Responsibility, jurisdiction, dispute resolution, and force majeure
5.1 All decisions,disputes, and other legally significant actions under the Agreement will be made/adopted (for consideration) in accordance with the applicable law of Administrator.
5.2 All disputes will be initially settled in the claim procedure within 15 (fifteen) working days maximum.
5.3 If a dispute is not resolved within the period specified in Article 5.2, its consideration may be postponed at the discretion of the Parties to the court...
5.4 Applicable law under the Agreement, including the settlement of disputes - to a court,the location of which shall be determined by the Administrator. legislation.
5.5 The Parties are released from liability in the event of force majeure, i.e. such objective circumstances that do not depend on the will (expression of will) of the Parties and have a significant impact on the performance(application) of the Agreement and/or its parts; such circumstances may include various natural (floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes,etc.) and man-made disasters.

VI. Other conditions
6.1 This Agreement is drawn up exclusively in electronic form in English.
6.2 The text of this Agreement may be read, understood, and accepted in any language with unconditional precedence over the English version of the Agreement.
6.3 All other Agreements between the Parties which are not part of this Agreement will be terminated upon acceptance.
6.4 You can always send statements and/or other requests/requests to the Administrator with the following resources:
6.4.1 E-mail address - Approximate processing time - from 12 hours.
6.4.2 By means of other services indicated on the Website and/or in the Appendix. Approximate time of processing the request/complaint/request/offer - from 1 hour.
6.5 This Agreement is free for distribution/copying, but only if the link to the Site/dApp/Service of the Administrator is indicated.

VII. Acceptance and operation of the Agreement
7.1 This Agreement will be accepted by the following conclusive acts (in sequence):
7.1.1 The future User must ONLY (in full) read the text of this Agreement.
7.1.2 The future User must then fully understand and accept this Agreement.
7.1.3 After that the User must put a conditional symbol ("tick") in the checkbox, which is located near the link about the acceptance (acceptance) of the Agreement.
7.1.4 Finally, the future User, having read the entire text of this Agreement, fully understood and accepted it, by placing a conditional symbol "tick"in the appropriate checkbox, is obliged to click on the button "fully accept the conditions" activated after that.
7.2 Registration at the Service means that the procedure described in clauses 7.1.1. - 7.1.4. of Article 7.1.1. - 7.1.4. of the Charter. 7.1. passed by the User in full.
7.3 The present Agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time (without a definite term).7.4 The date of the Agreement update (date of the last version): “18" July 2022.5

VIII. Proceedings and other important information
8.1 Offices:
8.1.1 SHA256Intellectual Property SpA, Chile, Santiago, Monjitas 550, of. 19.
8.1.2 SharcomplyS.L., Spain, Madrid, Calle Hermosilla 48, 1º Dcha.
8.1.3 SharcomplyB. V., Nederlands, Amersfoort Utrechtseweg 341.
8.2 Contacts:
8.2.1 Tel.: +34 62760 57 32
8.2.2 Email:
8.3 Data from the main PD operator:
Sharcomply B. V., Utrechtseweg 341 3818 EL Amersfoort The Netherlands, RSIN863898555, Establishment number 000052207013 KVK-nummer 86217755.6