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An online tool that helps companies and individuals to protect their content and resolve disputes


Get a digital proof-of-authorship that complies with modern laws


Get timely notifications if your content is used without your permission


Get prepared for and start the dispute resolution process

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SharpShark helps at every stage of working with content — from its creation to resolving cases with its unauthorized usage. See how it can fit your workflow



According to the Berne convention, an evidence must have a timestamp, a proof of identity, and the content in an immutable form. And here you are —


The service checks all protected intellectual assets on a daily basis. If it finds an unauthorized publication on the Internet, the system notifies you



You decide whether to submit a claim to the violator. If so, SharpShark helps to prepare and send it — all you need is to follow our precise instructions (and a half of needed info would be autogenerated!)

Clients & Cases

Clients and Cases

Read our recent cases — probably, you will recognize one of your stories in them

Another media reprinted an article about franchises in full with no reference to the source and ignored the citation volume... Read the case

The publications publish original content based on interviews. A few days later a copy of the article was found on such a site... Continue to read

Some Wowcube© subscribers happened to notice an advertisement on Facebook offering this product at a very low price... Read more

Big media (client) vs. Big media (violator)

Do you have any unresolved cases? Tell us about it and we will help you

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Clients & Cases


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Feb, 2021
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